New Books

Mr Gum in the Hound of Lamonic Bibber: Barcode: R28391C2250
Author: Stanton, Andy, 1973 -
Publisher: Egmont UK LimitedYear: 2011
CallNumber: SV Children's/Books STAISBN: 9781405261883
Type: BookАvailable
A mini bumper book of Mr. Gum mayhem, packed with extra bonus stuff and stickers. Step once more into Lamonic Bibber my friends – if you dare . . . In the dead of night, when all the stars are sleeping and the moon’s skipped off for a coffee, something dark and sinister stalks the streets of Lamonic Bibber. As a fog rolls in from the sea, carrying with it the unmistakeable whiff of pancakes and utter dread, an unearthly howl echoes through the cold midnight air. But who – or what – is at work here? Shabba me suspense-filled whiskers, this one will require some serious detective work!

Bones are Forever Barcode: R28348W2250
Author: Reichs, Kathy, 1948 -
Publisher: Arrow BooksYear: 2013
CallNumber: American Fiction REIISBN: 9780099558040
Type: BookАvailable
Kathy Reichs, #1 New York Times bestselling author and producer of the FOX televison hit Bones, is at her brilliant best in a riveting novel featuring forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan—a story of infanticide, murder, and corruption, set in the high-stakes, high-danger world of diamond mining. A woman calling herself Amy Roberts checks into a Montreal hospital complaining of uncontrolled bleeding. Doctors see evidence of a recent birth, but before they can act, Roberts disappears. Dispatched to the address she gave at the hospital, police discover bloody towels outside in a Dumpster. Fearing the worst, they call Temperance Brennan to investigate. In a run-down apartment Tempe makes a ghastly discovery: the decomposing bodies of three infants. According to the landlord, a woman named Alma Rogers lives there. Then a man shows up looking for Alva Rodriguez. Are Amy Roberts, Alma Rogers, and Alva Rodriguez the same person? Did she kill her own babies? And where is she now? Heading up the investigation is Tempe’s old flame, homicide detective Andrew Ryan. His counterpart from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is sergeant Ollie Hasty, who happens to have a little history with Tempe himself, which she regrets. This unlikely trio follows the woman’s trail, first to Edmonton and then to Yellowknife, a remote diamond-mining city deep in the Northwest Territories. What they find in Yellowknife is more sinister than they ever could have imagined.

Collins COBUILD English Grammar Barcode: R28381P2250
Publisher: HarperCollins PublishersYear: 2017
CallNumber: SV 428.2 COLISBN: 9780008135812
Type: BookАvailable
This new edition of the Collins COBUILD English Grammar is a modern, global and learner-focussed grammar reference, aimed at learners and teachers of English. Collins COBUILD English Grammar is based on the evidence of the 4.5-billion-word Collins Corpus, and is an invaluable guide to the English language as it is written and spoken today, in all areas of the world. It has been thoroughly updated, to take into account significant changes in grammar over recent years. With a user-friendly style and simple explanations, the Collins COBUILD English Grammar provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to modern English grammar, using grammar terms that learners will understand. Notes on the various situations in which certain grammar points typically appear, authentic examples, and information on the key differences between British and American grammar, make the Collins COBUILD English Grammar the only fully-updated and truly global English grammar available. The title also includes two supplements that focus on the main contexts in which English is used around the world: academic and business English. These supplements identify the key areas of grammar that students need to master if they are to communicate effectively in business and academic contexts. This new edition is also accompanied by a series of engaging blogs and guided worksheets that aim to encourage learners and teachers of English to explore and discuss the teaching and learning of grammar.

Simultaneous Structure in Phonology Barcode: R28380S2250
Author: Ladd , D. Robert
Publisher: Oxford University PressYear: 2014
CallNumber: SV 414.0 LADISBN: 9780199670970
Type: BookАvailable
In this book, D. Robert Ladd focuses on problems with the one-dimensional idealization of language on which much linguistic theory is based. Strings of sequentially-ordered elements play an important role as theoretical abstractions in both phonology and syntax. Yet many well-known phonological phenomena (such as vowel harmony, ablaut morphology, and pitch features) are problematic for this one-dimensional idealization, and many attempts (such as autosegmental phonology) have been made to allow for these troublesome characteristics in our theories. The book deals with diverse aspects of these problematical non-sequential phenomena. The five main chapters cover distinctive features and autosegments, systematic phonetics, the definition of 'prosody', aspects of vocal paralinguistic communication and 'gradience', and duality of patterning. Each chapter reviews a wide range of relevant literature, generally going back to the beginnings of modern linguistics in the early twentieth century, and all of them can usefully be read as free-standing synthetic overviews of the issues they discuss. The final chapter suggests that phonological structure, sequential or otherwise, can be seen as a special case of the segmentation of continuous action into discrete events, and that research on this general topic within cognitive psychology is relevant to phonological theory. Professor Ladd's unique work makes a fundamental contribution to phonology and phonetics and to linguistic theory more generally. His book will interest all theoretical linguists and cognitive scientists concerned with understanding the relation between phonological representations and the speech signal.

The Cambridge Handbook of English Historical Linguistics Barcode: R28386S2250
Publisher: Cambridge University PressYear: 2016
CallNumber: SV 417.7 ENGISBN: 9781107039353
Type: BookАvailable
English historical linguistics is a subfield of linguistics which has developed theories and methods for exploring the history of the English language. This Handbook provides an account of state-of-the-art research on this history. It offers an in-depth survey of materials, methods, and language-theoretical models used to study the long diachrony of English. The frameworks covered include corpus linguistics, historical sociolinguistics, historical pragmatics and manuscript studies, among others. The chapters, by leading experts, examine the interplay of language theory and empirical data throughout, critically assessing the work in the field. Of particular importance are the diverse data sources which have become increasingly available in electronic form, allowing the discipline to develop in new directions. The Handbook offers access to the rich and many-faceted spectrum of work in English historical linguistics, past and present, and will be useful for researchers and students interested in hands-on research on the history of English.

The English Phrasal Verb, 1650–Present: Barcode: R28379V2250
Author: Rodrigez-Puente, Paula
Publisher: Cambridge UniversityPressYear: 2019
CallNumber: SV 425.6 PUEISBN: 9781107101746
Type: BookАvailable
Providing a detailed and comprehensive account of the development of phrasal verbs from early modern to present-day English, this study covers almost 400 years in the history of English, and provides both a diachronic and synchronic account based on over 12,000 examples extracted from stratified electronic corpora. The corpus analysis provides evidence of how registers can inform us about the history of English, as it traces and compares the usage and stylistic drifts of phrasal verbs across ten different genres - drama, fiction, journals, diaries, letters, medicine, news, science, sermons, and trial proceedings. The study also sheds new light on the morpho-syntactic and semantic features of phrasal verbs, proposing a new approach to the category, considering not only on their grammatical features, but also their historical development, by discussing the category in terms of a number of central mechanisms of language change.

The Jane Austen Book Club Barcode: R28349I2250
Author: Fowler, Karen Joy, 1950 -
Publisher: Penguin BooksYear: 2004
CallNumber: American Fiction FOWISBN: 9780141020266
Type: Book Not Аvailable
Six people five women and a man meet once a month in California's Central Valley to discuss Jane Austen's novels. They are ordinary people, neither happy nor unhappy, but each of them is wounded in different ways, they are all mixed up about their lives and relationships. Over the six months they meet, marriages are tested, affairs begin, unsuitable arrangements become suitable under the guiding eye of Jane Austen a couple of them even fall in love.

The Mother Zone Barcode: R28350C2250
Author: Jackson, Marni, 1947 -
Publisher: Vintage CanadaYear: 2002
CallNumber: 3SV 306.8743 JACISBN: 9780679312147
Type: BookАvailable
Nights of no sleep, steeped in equal parts love, resentment and bodily fluids. The most intense tenderness warring with the deepest despair. The biggest question on a new mother’s mind: WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS? Marni Jackson’s touching, funny and provocative journey through the terra incognita of motherhood will help you survive it and won’t let you forget. Ten years after its first publication, The Mother Zone is still fresh, still original, still the one book that every mother (and father) needs.

The Oxford handbook of English grammar Barcode: R28385X2250
Publisher: Oxford University PressYear: 2020
CallNumber: SV 425 OXFISBN: 9780198755104
Type: BookАvailable
This handbook provides an authoritative, critical survey of current research and knowledge in the grammar of the English language. Following an introduction from the editors, the volume's expert contributors explore a range of core topics in English grammar, beginning with issues in grammar writing and methodology. Chapters in part II then examine the various theoretical approaches to grammar, such as cognitive, constructional, and generative approaches, followed by the chapters in part III, which comprehensively cover the different subdomains of grammar, including compounds, phrase structure, clause types, tense and aspect, and information structure. Part IV offers coverage of the relationship between grammar and other fields - lexis, phonology, meaning, and discourse - while the concluding part of the book investigates grammatical change over time, regional variation, and genre and literary variation. The handbook's wide-ranging coverage will appeal to researchers and students of English language and linguistics from undergraduate level upwards.

The Oxford Handbook of Event Structure Barcode: R28387Y2250
Publisher: Oxford University PressYear: 2019
CallNumber: SV 415.6 OXFISBN: 9780199685318
Type: BookАvailable
This handbook deals with research into the nature of events, and how we use language to describe events. The study of event structure over the past 60 years has been one of the most successful areas of lexical semantics, uniting insights from morphology and syntax, lexical and compositional semantics, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence to develop insightful theories of events and event descriptions. This volume provides accessible introductions to major topics and ongoing debates in event structure research, exploring what events are, how we perceive them, how we reason with them, and the role they play in the organization of grammar and discourse. The chapters are divided into four parts: the first covers metaphysical issues related to events; the second is concerned with the relationship between event structure and grammar; the third is a series of crosslinguistic case studies; and the fourth deals with links to cognitive science and artificial intelligence more broadly. The book is strongly interdisciplinary in nature, with insights from linguistics, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, and computer science, and will appeal to a wide range of researchers and students from advanced undergraduate level upwards.

The Oxford Handbook of the History of English Barcode: R28384G2250
Publisher: Oxford University PressYear: 2016
CallNumber: SV 420.9 OXFISBN: 9780190627881
Type: BookАvailable
The Oxford Handbook of the History of English takes stock of recent advances in the study of the history of English, broadening and deepening the understanding of the field. It seeks to suggest ways to rethink the relationship of English's past with its present, and make transparent the variety of conditions and processes that have been instrumental in shaping that history. Setting a new standard of cross-theoretical collaboration, it covers the field in an innovative way, providing diachronic accounts of major influences such as language contact, and typological processes that have shaped English and its varieties, as well as highlighting recent and ongoing developments of Englishes--celebrating the vitality of language change over the centuries and the many contexts and processes through which language change occurs.

blueeyedboy Barcode: R28353A2250
Author: Harris, Joanne
Publisher: Black SwanYear: 2011
CallNumber: British Fiction HARISBN: 9780552773164
Type: Book Not Аvailable
A dark and intricately plotted tale of a poisonously dysfunctional family, a blind child prodigy, and a serial murderer who is not who he seems. Told through posts on a webjournal called badguysrock, this is a thriller that makes creative use of all the multiple personalities, disguise and mind games that are offered by playing out a life on the internet.

Labyrinth Barcode: R28354G2250
Author: Mosse, Kate, 1961 -
Publisher: Orion BooksYear: 2006
CallNumber: American Fiction MOSISBN: 9781409156390
Type: BookАvailable
In 2005, Alice Tanner discovers two skeletons and a labyrinth pattern engraved on the wall and on a ring hidden in a cave while on an archeological dig in southwest France. They trigger visions of the past and propel her into a dangerous race against those who want the mystery of the cave for themselves. In 1209 Alais was entrusted, by her father, with a book that is part of a sacred trilogy connected to the Holy Grail. Guardians of the trilogy are operating against evil forces.

Life After Life Barcode: R28357O2250
Author: Atkinson, Kate
Publisher: Black SwanYear: 2013
CallNumber: British Fiction ATKISBN: 9780552779685
Type: Book Not Аvailable
What if you could live again and again, until you got it right? On a cold and snowy night in 1910, Ursula Todd is born to an English banker and his wife. She dies before she can draw her first breath. On that same cold and snowy night, Ursula Todd is born, lets out a lusty wail, and embarks upon a life that will be, to say the least, unusual. For as she grows, she also dies, repeatedly, in a variety of ways, while the young century marches on towards its second cataclysmic world war. Does Ursula's apparently infinite number of lives give her the power to save the world from its inevitable destiny? And if she can -- will she? Darkly comic, startlingly poignant, and utterly original -- this is Kate Atkinson at her absolute best.

Plainsong Barcode: R28352F2250
Author: Haruf, Kent, 1943 - 2014
Publisher: Vintage BooksYear: 2000
CallNumber: American Fiction HARISBN: 9780375705854
Type: Book Not Аvailable
A heartstrong story of family and romance, tribulation and tenacity, set on the High Plains east of Denver. In the small town of Holt, Colorado, a high school teacher is confronted with raising his two boys alone after their mother retreats first to the bedroom, then altogether. A teenage girl—her father long since disappeared, her mother unwilling to have her in the house—is pregnant, alone herself, with nowhere to go. And out in the country, two brothers, elderly bachelors, work the family homestead, the only world they've ever known. From these unsettled lives emerges a vision of life, and of the town and landscape that bind them together—their fates somehow overcoming the powerful circumstances of place and station, their confusion, curiosity, dignity and humor intact and resonant. As the milieu widens to embrace fully four generations, Kent Haruf displays an emotional and aesthetic authority to rival the past masters of a classic American tradition. Utterly true to the rhythms and patterns of life, Plainsong is a novel to care about, believe in, and learn from.

Salvation Creek: Barcode: R28355S2250
Author: Duncan, Susan, 1951 -
Publisher: Bantam AustraliaYear: 2007
CallNumber: 3SV 920.72 DUNISBN: 9781863256384
Type: BookАvailable
At 44, Susan Duncan appeared to have it all. Editor of two of Australia's top-selling women's magazines, a happy marriage to a kindred spirit, a jet-setting lifestyle ... she was living large in every way. But, when her beloved husband and brother die within three days of each other, her glittering life is shattered. This is the story of a woman who found the courage not only to begin again, but also to beat the odds in her own battle for survival and find a new life and love.

The Rosie Effect Barcode: R28351G2250
Author: Simsion, Graeme, 1956 -
Publisher: HarperCollins PublishersYear: 2014
CallNumber: British Fiction GRAISBN: 9781443435901
Type: BookАvailable
The Wife Project is complete, and Don and Rosie are happily married and living in New York. But they're about to face a new challenge because -- surprise! -- Rosie is pregnant. Don sets about learning the protocols of becoming a father, but his unusual research style gets him into trouble with the law. Fortunately his best friend Gene is on hand to offer advice: he's left Claudia and moved in with Don and Rosie. As Don tries to schedule time for pregnancy research, getting Gene and Claudia to reconcile, servicing the industrial refrigeration unit that occupies half his apartment, helping Dave the Baseball Fan save his business, and staying on the right side of Lydia the social worker, he almost misses the biggest problem of all: he might lose Rosie when she needs him the most.

Things Fall Apart Barcode: R28347G2250
Author: Achebe, Chinua, 1930 - 2013
Publisher: Anchor BooksYear: 1994
CallNumber: African Literature ACHISBN: 9780385474542
Type: BookАvailable
This novel tells the story of Okonkwo, the leader of an Igbo (Ibo) community who is banished for accidentally killing a clansman. The novel covers the seven years of his exile to his return, providing an inside view of the intrusion of white missionaries and colonial government into tribal Igbo society in the 1890s